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“Well, Hang On! 3″ for Android APK Download

Sunday, December 29th 2013. | Arcade, Games
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To download “Well, Hang On! 3″ for Android APK, please jump to the link after the break. I’m going to talk a little about this game, so you’ll know that it’s really worth it.

Normally, what wolves do when they see some fat and fleshy hens around is prying on them and trying to eat them but in “Well, Hang On! 3″ things can be very different. Instead of using all your sneaky tactics to take out the hens, you – as the wolf – are required to catch the dropping eggs from four different hens. Still, this is what makes this game very interesting and addictive. Well, if you’re not much of a patient type of a person, you may get irritated as well.

well hang on 3 apk for android

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There are four different hens located on both sides of the screen spawning their eggs continuously. These eggs are rolling down the bamboo track and will surely crash on the ground if you don’t catch them on time. Now this is where “Well, Hang On! 3″ gets pretty interesting. You’re only provided with one basket to save all of those eggs. Luckily, the said four hens do not spawn all at the same time, so you still have time to slide your finger on the screen to move the wolf to the right direction. Don’t be so relaxed, though, because as the level goes up the interval between each spawning becomes incredibly short.

By the way, not all of the eggs are the same. Some of them look golden and some others look blackish. These special eggs will give you more point than the common eggs, so when you notice a white egg and a golden egg are rolling down at the same time, go for the golden egg. Indeed, “Well, Hang On! 3″ for Android is a very simple game but just like other famous simple games, this one is a great time killer.

Download well hang on 3 apk for android

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1. full support of all Touch / Touch Screen/Stylus and Keyboard phones
2. game modes: classics and modernist style
3. adjusted level of difficulty: easy (3 trays) and heavy (4 trays)
4. even better graphics, even juicier animation;
5. a set of locations: “Stadium”, “City”, “Hawaii”, “Wood”, “Paul”, “Frozen small river”;
6. smooth increase in difficulty;
7. very interesting Modernist style mode (bonuses, anti-bonuses);
8. dumping of penal points at achievement of 200 points and multiple further to 500 points;
9. abundance of soundtracks, not allowing to forget what you play in;
10. saving at any moment of the game;
11. UNIQUE ON-LINE system of statistics;

You can download “Well, Hang On! 3″ APK via the link below!

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